Fun with Dick and Jane

"The middle class is the backbone of this country. We've got to survive. If we go under, the whole country can. And in these, our bicentennial years, my contribution isn't the destruction of the American middle class!"

I remember seeing the remake, not knowing it was a remake, but I don't remember any concrete details about it besides it ending on an immediately out-of-date Enron gag. This movie does not end on an Enron gag. Bonus points for that. Jane Fonda --> Tea Leoni was some inspired and very good remake casting! Great job! So far none of this entry has anything to do with the 1977 original.

Doesn't go hard enough with the satire, needlessly racist and homophobic, and feels surprisingly unaware of how those choices undercut the point of the satire it does nail. But very fun bones! "Ahead of the Game" is a great song. Every 70s film has pacing that introduces a new plot with 20 minutes to go and ends the second that plot is wrapped it up, and I love it. Obvious why they remade this. Speaking of the remake, it is now time for me to write 1,000 more words on that

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