Hairspray ★★★★½

• I want nothing but happiness and good fortune for Queen Latifah. What a pleasant surprise to see her in this. :)

• Bynes’ whole direction for this film was “you’re horny.” Always nice to watch hot people be horny for two hours, even when it’s tinged with “I got da chocolate fever!!” This movie walked so the infamous Drake tweet could run.

• Travolta is just doing a Mike Myers impression this whole time.

• The racial politics of this movie are not at all good, but I couldn’t find it as embarrassing as I would in a Green Book or a The Help, for some reason. Just thought it was funny how off the mark they were! I’m patting the movie on the head and calling it “very cute.”

• Tracy Turnblad incites a civil rights riot and then runs away. Couldn’t stop thinking about how much I would love to write a parody of this film.

• The music here is... terrific. Every song is good. It starts off with such a likable bang with “Good morning, Baltimore” and it never lets up! Absolutely wild! (Even when, again, the politics and lyrical content make me go “yeesh!”)

• I’m a huge fucking sucker for both Grease and Grease 2 and will always be so this movie in which both Pfeiffer and Travolta return to their musical roots (and we get a lil musical ref to “Grease Lightning!”) is ABSOLUTELY up my alley. As is any movie where a man gets bribed with whoopee cushions.

• One of Christopher Walken’s best movies. Sorry! Truth hurts! This is what Lizzo was talking about!

• John Travolta in drag leads a civil rights march.

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