John Wick: Chapter 2 ★★★★

God, I love a sequel where you can feel the budget increase in all the right ways (no more soundtrack!) A perfect commitment to the tone of this world. So much of this movie feels like it was created by an anthropomorphic Ed Hardy shirt, but they create a universe where that vibe fucking rules?

Rides the line of farce and sincerity so well in every aspect that it gives me a similar feeling as the Fast & Furious films, but with a lot more clear commitment to producing something where everybody involved is really just showing off. They make so many big moves to remind you they’re in on the joke, from that Buster Keaton projection to the $7 million hit sequence. Never gonna forget the pure adrenaline of that ending and how psyched it got me for chapter 3. Was struck this time by the sudden recognition that innocent bystanders are definitely getting murdered in these gunfights.

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