Putney Swope

"Putney Swope is the new chairman of this board. And I will defend that mistake with my life."

So fucking funny and beautifully weird. Gets to the plot so quick that it gets to take its precious time with gags, and thank god because the gags? They're good, folks. The Face Off song is just as good as any of the best comedy songs of the last decade. For how radical and politically forward it is, I'm bummed there are still a few moments here and there that suddenly remind you this was a film made by a white guy in 1969 with the comic sensibilities of a white guy in 1969, but they don't drag it down too much. I love that Paul Thomas Anderson loves this movie so much. Can't understate how modern the sense of comedy feels for a movie from the 60s! The opening scene could easily be in any of the best shows on Comedy Central that get cancelled for not being broad enough. Today's alt comedy scene owes sooooo much to this film.

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