Safe Men

Watched this after reading Dave Horwitz’s lovely review of this movie. I’m always inspired to watch people’s favorite movies when they’re able to write so much (and so passionately) about why they love it. Hard not to like it yourself at that point!

And like it i did! It’s so quickly affable and feels brilliantly simple. I love a mistaken identity movie and the set up for this one is truly so solid. It’s funny that Zahn is playing much more of the straight man here than Rockwell, given how their careers played out. Rockwell feels like he’s doing a Justin Long impression for so much of this movie (which I don’t say as a bad thing!) I love dirtbag comedy Giamatti. Feels like this is the direct pipeline to his role in Big Fat Liar, which of course, is his greatest film to date. “They told me to pick up a little safe car; they didn’t say anything about a little Safe Men!”

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