Scoob! ★★½

Occasionally cute! The animation isn't very special, which is a shame because the end credits give you a taste of a fantastic animated style that would've been cool as fuck to see spread over the full thing.

Tries its best to be both subversive and sincere, which is a very weird mix that results in Supreme Court/Tinder jokes and an overabundance of hip-hop needle drops that make you go "who is this for?" I only really wanted to watch this because I knew Kelly Fremon Craig wrote it, but it turns out her script was tossed out and replaced by one written by 6 guys I don't know, which I only learned 20 minutes into the movie. Oh well! Absolutely psychotic cameo casting in this bad boy! Absoutely psychotic to write this much ""criticism"" (HEAVY finger quotes) of the 2020 animated childrens' film Scoob!

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