Sleepless in Seattle

Nora Ephron's SO fucking good at this it blows my mind. Feels like she writes movies in two halves where you're charmed by someone and led to believe the other person is crazy only to reveal they're both crazy in the second part. There's nothing interesting or revolutionary about me relitigating a popular 90s romcom after watching it for the first time in 2021. but obviously: Bill Pullman and Barbara Garrick (Victoria) were perfectly fine people who deserved way better, the romance of Meg Ryan stalking Tom Hanks is crafted as one special fateful occurence by us being directed to ignore that countless women were probably doing the same thing, and it's no different than people putting celebrities on a pedestal because they've projected a personality onto them. And yet– there's still so much fucking charm just spilling out of this movie! How!!

I love the map transitions. Victor Garber is hot. Tom Hanks's son is a psychopath. There's a great speech about dating that gets interrupted so Tom Hanks can see Meg Ryan for the first time and I wish he'd finished it because he was right and his psychopath son needed to hear it. Lotta great quotes from that kid, though. This movie could NEVER be made today! (romanticized stalking, ease of an unaccompanied minor's travel, Ephron dead, movie was already made in 1993)

“Do you know how much money it costs to go to New York?”
“Nobody knows. It changes practically every day.”

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