The Half of It

I'm not sure why I watched this to be honest– the young adult romcom almost never works for me. Which makes sense, since it's not for me. But I never see a representation of young adulthood that feels familiar or at all relatable to me, it's always an unrecognizable, romantic caricature of high school that leans into clichés more than anything. Even the most critically-lauded of these films come off feeling wanderlust-y and diet manic-pixie, and this one hits me with all those same feelings along a fairly trope-by-numbers story with minor flourishes here and there– but it's very well-shot and very cute! I think the cast is so charming and likable. Her relationship with both her father and Paul are highlights and I wish they'd been more of the focus (and I also wish the way they threw a wrench into her relationship with Paul didn't feel tossed in and cleared up so quickly!)

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