demi has written 54 reviews for films during 2016.

  • Maverick



    Its ending doesn't really track, but I don't care because it was lots of fun up until it happened.

  • Space Cowboys

    Space Cowboys


    Clint Eastwood starts his role in this movie by getting racist about the Japanese. He then proceeds to star in his own film about space in which the most boring part is every second they're in space.

  • The Hunt for Red October

    The Hunt for Red October


    Incredibly suspenseful, well-acted, and deliberately paced, but soooooo dense. I can tell it was written by/for someone with an extreme understanding of naval procedure... but honestly, I wish it was just a little dumber and less specific in its execution.

  • The Meddler

    The Meddler


    The pacing in this movie is all over the place but it doesn't really matter. It's sweet, and goofy, and generally pleasant all the way through. Susan Sarandon and JK Simmons are so cute. I loved Jerrod Carmichael's little subplot too, for some reason.

  • War Dogs

    War Dogs


    Lord of War + Wolf of Wall Street - the best parts of either of those movies + documentary pacing = War Dogs. Bradley Cooper was great whenever he was on screen. Jonah Hill was close to being great.

  • Megamind



    Cartoon action and destruction is always so fun, but it's particularly impressive in this movie. So impressive that I don't know why the animation is so weird whenever Roxanne walks. But that's nitpicking- it's fun! Good little twists, too. The movie's meaning is uhhh kind of a mixed bag with the ending but it's still good! I really liked David Cross's character. It's hard to not imagine Will Ferrell or Tina Fey when you hear their voices though.

  • Sisters



    This movie is so funny, but it also makes huge messes and then cleans them up very succinctly, which stressed me out! Make them live with their fuck-ups! I also don't know if I can buy Tina or Amy's characters because I'm so used to seeing them play other people. But I still enjoyed it!

  • Suicide Squad

    Suicide Squad


    I watched the trailer for this movie after watching the movie, and I was so impressed by how good it was. The trailer, I mean- the movie was a mess. But the trailer even shows hints that it could have been good if some stuff was not taken out in editing. Things that couldn't have been fixed by editing: Leto's Joker. Harley Quinn. (Seriously, all of her lines are Hot Topic tees. Every one.) The characterization of anybody besides Deadshot.…

  • Bad Moms

    Bad Moms


    Every five minutes there is a new song playing in this movie. There are more songs than there are plot moves. Jada Pinkett Smith's character is very unnecessary. It was funny though!

  • The Cable Guy

    The Cable Guy


    The Stan Sweet stuff is very funny to me. Unfortunately, Jim Carrey's entire character just wasn't, and since the movie leans on him, it's kind of at a loss. I insist they remake this movie and go harder on both the laughs and the darkness with a Gyllenhaal-in-Nightcrawler-type character.

  • Tower Heist

    Tower Heist


    Pretty average! In a non offensive way, really. Wish it had a less boring title and some extension on some of its earlier scenes (and I watched the extended edition- still somehow lacking in the earlier learning-to-steal montages.) I also don't know what Ben Stiller's accent is for some of this movie.

  • Don't Think Twice

    Don't Think Twice


    Funny, sobering, wistful, wonderful. A really really wonderful movie about comedy, friendship, love, success, jealousy, feelings of inadequacy, and feeling your dreams slip away from you.