Normal People

Normal People ★★★½

At its best when exploring the little class miscommunications in C & M‘s relationships. (
Also using vanilla sex not as a semblance of capitalist tra-d-esire but of mutual dependence 

Sometimes feels like the natural trajectory of the characters is thwarted by some hamfisted BBC social responsibility motifs, esp. Connell...
We’ll see him drunk w dong out most episodes but if he’s driving late at night you bet we’ll be told he’s sober and/or have a long sequence of him pouring beer down the sink 
It feels like every mistake he makes is valorised by general mental illness
but the abuse Marianne suffers elsewhere lends her a much less interesting BDSM arc
<— Even less interesting is how the only real debate we see the students have is ab no-platforming and free speech (coupled w discussions of ‘Facebook walls’ and ‘likes’ throughout the series this felt a few years outdated and emblematic of these older directors who are only interested in the affect of neoliberalism as a facade for otherwise conventional drama)

Mixed bag of music, the only cues that didn’t make me cringe were songs that were at least 20 years old

Nonetheless fire stuff, living up to its title it’s a pretty satisfying and non-atomized vision of love for nervous young xenocucks