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  • Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

    Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith


    „This is how Liberty dies. With thunderous applause.“
    Die ersten drei Teile des größten Science-Fiction Epos der Filmgeschichte scheiden die Geister, wie kein Zweites. Die einen sehen in ihm ein dummes, hässliches und uninteressantes Machwerk voller Widersprüche (dazu habe ich mich sehr viele Jahre lang gezählt). Die anderen sehen in ihm eine tiefgreifende politische Geschichte voller Verrat, Betrug und Korruption (dazu zähle ich mich jetzt). Und das ist vermutlich nur die Spitze des Eisbergs. 
    Um eine verständliche Review zu Episode…

  • Ikiru



    Ikiru is a film that occupied myself a lot after my first watch because it discussed essential questions in the matter of life and how the is in our society. Although this film is more than 65 years old, it still shows a pretty accurate reflection of our society that is much focussed on our work. Hence it is even sadder that nothing has changed in over 65 years.

    In his last month to live, Kenji begins to think about…

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  • The Voiceless

    The Voiceless


    +0,5* for the giant karl marx head

  • M



    Film School Drop Outs 2019 - Weekly Challenges

    Week 6 - Movement - German Weimar Cinema (1919-1933)

    Impressive. Impressive how this film still manages to be important even after more than 85 years. Back then Lang wanted to show us a reflection of the time he lived in. He unmasks the society as a collective which developed many negative feelings, like rage against the state and strangers due to the panic after the war and the global economy crisis. His…

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  • Brazil



    A mixture of The Trial and Monthy Python? I love it!
    Especially the world which Gilliam creates was gorgeous. It’s a world where humanity was abandoned due to fear of terrorism what amazed me. There’s only bureaucracy, cold machine-like humans and superficiality. Also the state works like a big machine where every citizen has its function.

    The protagonist is a (for me) really interesting person which appears to be boring and minimalistic, but in his dreams he wishes liberty and…