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  • Coming Home in the Dark


  • Murder by the Coast


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  • Coming Home in the Dark

    Coming Home in the Dark

    Two teenagers abused in an Australian juvenile detention center ( now grown ups ) stumble on a counselor, from back in the day, having a picnic with his family.
    What follows is a harrowing journey fueled by extreme revenge.

  • Murder by the Coast

    Murder by the Coast


    This is another example ( through a case in Spain ) were police were swayed by the media to focus on and arrest an innocent person, based solely on circumstantial evidence.
    Not only does this appear over and over throughout the world, but rarely do we see authorities apologizing or compensating victims of wrongful convictions.
    It is the arrogance of the criminal justice system everywhere that should be on trial.

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  • The Outsider

    The Outsider


    I read the critic from Variety and could not disagree more.
    Having lived in Japan and knowing the culture and the Yakuza world,
    I find it offensive that some arm chair critic talks like he is an expert on the subject.
    Of course the probability of a Gaijin, especially an American in post WW II war Japan, being accepted into a Japanese crime family is highly unlikely. So what?
    The movie story line is realistically executed and gives us a…

  • Bruised



    Knowing MMA, I was pleasantly surprised by Halle Berry's direction.
    Also, it was one of her best performances.
    It did not hurt to have as an opponent Valentina Shevchenko, UFC champion and arguably the best female MMA fighter today.
    The narrative is a female Rocky theme and a somewhat sketchy allusion and interpretation of the Ronda Rousey story minus the kid and lesbian affair with trainer.
    Had Sylvester Stallone not beat her to the punch, I think Halley Berry's interpretation…