The Hunt

Hunting people is bad?
I mean, there was a movie from 1932 that dealt with a rich bastard who was hunting people who he intentionally made shipwreck on his tiny island.
The Most Dangerous Game, is the name of that film. The only thing is there are no proper ˝elites˝ addressed there. However, the main villain basically is a rich bastard who escaped from the Russian revolution in 1917, so...

Oh, and by the way, that licence plate in the trailer looks almost the same as Croatian licence plates, so that made me chuckle. Not the first time they used our flag/crest/anything for some I'm going to guess made up country. In the TV-series Monk it also appeared once, In the episode Mr. Monk Falls in Love the flag represents fictional Eastern European country called Zemenia.

Shame for this film. I have no doubt it would probably be average with just enough layer of controversion to make it slightly above average, but who knows? It's probably never going to see the light of day.

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