The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal ★★

Dan and Luke's Quarantine Lockdown - week 4

“Trial by Stone!”

This is another of those films that I feel I’ve come too late to viewing, it’s clearly made to be a kids fantasy adventure, but it was just never really compelling to me. Obviously it looks great, the sets and puppetry is masterful, as you’d expect from Jim Henson. I really loved most of the designs for the weird and wonderful species that lives in this world. 

I think where it falls flat though is the plot and characters. There’s an impressive amount of world building, creating this really bizarre world of fantasy and creatures, that does have genuine intrigue at the start. But the movie never follows this through with interesting characters or plot. Jen is such a dull protagonist and you never really feel invested in his quest, or really see him grow as a character. There’s not really that spark there. Dull dialogue spoken by lifeless characters, and honestly not much else. 

The world around created is interesting and beautiful to look at, and this is why it gets 2 stars, but without much interest in the plot at play, or any of the characters, the film feels rather slow and somewhat boring, even for its relatively short 90 minute runtime.

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