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  • The 1st Annual Live 'On Cinema' Oscar Special

    The 1st Annual Live 'On Cinema' Oscar Special

    "If you love movies, if you consider the cinema to be your church, the Oscar ceremony is Christmas Day." - Gregg

  • Disorder in the Court

    Disorder in the Court


    Three Stooges 015. This one fell into the public domain and you can watch it wherever you please, personally I found it on YouTube fully recolorized like when one of those Reddit guys touches up old B&W war photos to make them look like an Alex Ross painting or whatever. Funny that a single location piece set in a courtroom is one of the few Stooges shorts to have its copyright lapse. Loads of great gags & stunts from Moe shooting a toupee to Curly having his head smushed in a vice. I was howling throughout. Best Stooges yet.

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  • Booksmart



    feels less like this movie has a screenplay at times than a Bingo board full of woke signifiers to fill, the first few minutes alone presenting the sight of Michelle Obama, 'RBG', and a big RESIST sticker on a car window. but what exactly are these characters resisting? they seem to live in a near-future neoliberal utopia where the worst offense a person could commit is maybe being a lil' bit judgmental. there is zero truth or texture to this…

  • Deadpool



    A walking contradiction. Wants to deconstruct superhero movies in a metatextual way but sticks stringently to origin story formula; wants to appeal to a teenage demo with its juvenile dick joke humor but is stuffed to the gills with pop references for thirtysomethings; wants to be seen as a big bad R-rated comic book film but treats violence as flippantly as a bullshit video game. It's obnoxious. It's boring. It's aesthetically revolting. And it's apparently what the people want, given that it's now the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time. We get the world we deserve.