A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★

Cillian Murphy & the deaf girl are in a decent cosplay of that segment from THE LAST OF US when you're palling around with W. Earl Brown, unfortunately they are hamstrung by a parallel plot starring stay-at-home mom Emily Blunt and her bozo son Noah Jupe (who deserves hell and worse for his idiocy) reenacting the episode of EASTBOUND & DOWN where Kenny Powers carries a baby around in a backpack feeding it lettuce. Didn't care for the original due to it being bad but was at least excited to see Krasinski open up the scope of the world here, even if this second chapter (these are basically episodes in a serial?? crank them out annually tbh) just rehashes the same themes from the original with a psychological depth about as distinctive as its unmemorable demon design. Three stars for the video game logic and the injections of flavor like Scoot McNairy's Boatpeople & Djimon Hounsou acting like an absolute moron.

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