Booksmart ★½

feels less like this movie has a screenplay at times than a Bingo board full of woke signifiers to fill, the first few minutes alone presenting the sight of Michelle Obama, 'RBG', and a big RESIST sticker on a car window. but what exactly are these characters resisting? they seem to live in a near-future neoliberal utopia where the worst offense a person could commit is maybe being a lil' bit judgmental. there is zero truth or texture to this world; every moment looks like an Instagram story, every person an H&M model. the film promises each of them futures where they go to Yale or Harvard or Stanford or get to work for Google straight out of high school. even the queer romance is hard to commend, given how firmly the movie's perspective is couched in its myopic position of rich white feminism - one can imagine the producers cynically patting themselves on the back for a 'representation win' every time an LGBT character appears. i dunno, folks. very much the product of four entire screenwriters and a well-meaning but totally insulated activist-star making their directorial debut.

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