Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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This review may contain spoilers.

A visionary film where the black upper class scientist gets mowed down instantly by a flotilla of cops, but the known cop killer is given multiple verbal warnings as he advances on police. Just in case you thought this wasn't relevant in 2017.

Anyway, I still think the beginning's patchy - there's that first scene with Sarah O'Connor having recently stabbed her doc in the kneecap with a pen, then one day later when they claim she's been on good behaviour for six months, to say nothing of the bit where both Terminators arrive at night and then do fuck all for hours, even though the T-1000 has Jack's address - but that stuff quickly takes a back seat as the film settles in to its unstoppable chain of action setpieces. There's a mix of the twisty and the primal here that's rarely matched, and it's hard to think how any film could replicate the opening reveal about Arnie, which is part of why it's still so satisfying. And the 3-D remaster is terrific, although there seemed to be large chunks in the middle where the effect was either marginal or it was shot in a way that it didn't really pop. (Or maybe there's just a brain thing where you get used to it over time.)