Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 ★★★★

I believe Blade Runner 2049 is visually the best film I’ve ever seen. Every single bit of this film is mind-blowing on a visual standpoint and the sound design gives this film such a bombastic sound. The CGI blends perfectly into the practical effects of this film and the costume design adds something interesting to every character. There’s so much to praise here visually, every shot can be studied here.

And of course this is such a faithful sequel, on a pacing and story perspective, but also visually. Denis Villeneuve continued the story beautifully here and the writer Hampton Fancher did clearly get inspired by many sci-fi themes (human or not) for this film. This is undoubtedly a great story, but not entirely unpredictable, which was always the issue for me in my past three viewings.

I never entirely loved Blade Runner 2049, because I believe that the story isn’t exactly unique, unpredictable and innovative, but it’s a very beautiful story that fits perfectly to the Blade Runner universe. The run-time is perfect for the story beats, but I always wished that there was more to chew on character-wise and while I still have some problems with the plot and the combination of it’s run-time I can finally look passed those issues.

The characters are fantastic, but they always feel like story-concepts. The whole memory plot-point has a strong character moment and the following baseline test scene is also a strong character moment, but it all feels like a (great) copy from other sci-fi stories. My flaw with this is, on paper the story is absolutely perfect, but the film lacks some story-beats that have a more surprising effect on me and don’t feel too familiar. This isn’t really an issue many will face, but it always bugged me and it still does.

But overall I can’t complain about the story, I just feel the characters could’ve been a little stronger and therefore it would’ve been easier to get through the run-time. It’s never a boring film, but the film sometimes takes too much time to deliver the informations or plot-points and that’s a huge issue when I can see them ten, twenty, thirty minutes before they even appear. It all would’ve made the ending a little more moving for me, even though it still hits hard on every watch. I also need to praise the dialogue that never reveals too much, even though most of the time a scene actually is an exposition scene, but it still manages to be incredibly subtle. It tells more visually and with the performances than with dialogue and I love that.

At the end I wouldn’t argue with you, if you say Blade Runner 2049 is a masterpiece. I partly agree, visually especially and even though I have some problems with the story and characters (especially the hollow Jared Leto) I still love the story that was told...and the last thirty-minutes might be one of the greatest parts of any films. Clean action, emotionally moving and ultimately satisfying. Blade Runner 2049 deserves all the praise it gets.

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