Chungking Express

Chungking Express ★★★★★

I love the stupidity of holding on to what has moved on.

I love the smallness of the biggest emotion we know.

I love the pain that doesn't seem to leave but you know somehow it will.

I love seeing love.

And I love how Wong Kar-Wai manages to capture all of the above and mold it into a piece of visual poetry, instilled with the melancholy, pain, joy, frivolity and promise our species' most powerful four letter word possesses.

Even in isolation, Wong Kar-Wai manages to find love in two completely different tales, that pass within 0,01 cm of each other briefly giving the other a glance of desperate recognition. Chungking Express is about our need for companionship, the fleeting repetitive nature of life and the energy finding someone can give, even if only for a very short time.

For a hopeless romantic like me and for everyone who as ever loved and lost like me, this is a beautiful and bountiful big bowl of bittersweet candy.

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