Edge of Tomorrow ★★★★

I could be a snarky tit (I'm not really, I'm a kitten) and say that I watched this solely because of the promise of seeing Cruise die over and over again and deep down there'd be some truth to that. And while that snarky tit inside of me was more than satisfied, so was the science fiction lover.

Remember those Star Trek episodes where they messed around with time travel and loop holes and whatnot? I loved those, mainly because they were fun when approached with the correct mindset, making it easy to step over the fact that they usually didn't make any sense at all. Edge of Tomorrow deserves to be approached with a similar frame of mind, mainly because the filmmakers have done that as well.

Doug Liman has made a blockbuster that doesn't take itself seriously most of the time and takes the fun but ridiculous premise and just runs with it. It starts with a clever outline of events prior to the main action, setting down the main characters in broad strokes. When the whole loopy business starts it, surprisingly, chooses to go for a lighthearted, fun way to explore that notion. It then gradually, with outstanding pacing reveals more of the plot and with that slowly changes the tone of the film as well to bring us to its more serious conclusion. To me, that just fitted perfectly, balancing entertainment via comedy and action beautifully. The fact that this is done so well makes lack of any real characters, simplistic plot development, telegraphing all major plot points miles ahead and even its unnecessarily weak ending pretty easy to forgive. This film has one goal in mind and that is to entertain and that it does really well.

The visuals are outstanding. The low tech design of the soldier suits looks fantastic, giving it all a very near-future feel. I really liked the design of the aliens as well. But where it truly excels is in a handful of action sequences and some stunning set pieces. From the first D-dayesque battle scene to the visceral final battle, the action is clear, crisp and exciting, only adding to the fun that's already there to be had.

The cast is fine. Gleeson can always have more screen time as far as I'm concerned and Emily Blunt is actually pretty convincing as the tough soldier. It pleases me to say that Mr. Paxton steals every scene he is in, he's hilarious. And then there's Cruise. As you may have gathered from my opening paragraph, I'm not a fan. This has a lot to do with the fact that I feel he isn't that good an actor. He's always Tom Cruise, acting, shouting, running whatever. What he usually does bring is energy and that is exactly what he does right in this film. He starts out as a wimpy dick, a reluctant hero and gradually becomes Action Cruise. And to my surprise, combined with Liman's excellent direction it works very well indeed.

Edge of Tomorrow is a fun film that understands what it needs to deliver and does that in spades.

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