Faces ★★★

“Definition of serious: blah, blah, blah, blah.”

“Cry, c'mon that’s life honey.”

The first 40-50 minutes of this reaaally tests (in fact, borderline abuses) the empathy machine in a way that that one long scene from Husbands does, but without the sadism that strung that scene together. Cassavetes’ characters inhabit a heightened and emotionally naked reality so well that it eventually begins to feel like reality itself, because you connect with their honesty. The first half of this rarely ever makes it to that other side, and partially feels like the realization of Cassavetes’ worst criticisms—that it’s just a bunch of actors showing off in front of a camera. But that second half?? Masterful. For a movie that I didn’t really like, I think that those morning after scenes are among my favorites. The performances appear, fall away, and then heartbreakingly reappear for the sake of normalcy. Can’t wait to knock out this chapter in Cassavetes on Cassavetes.

Steven Spielberg was a PA on this lol

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