Shakedown ★★★★½

Everything about the filmmaking here feels so in-tune with the emotional world of these women. The cuts and freeze frames that accent breaks in thought or moments of pure expression, the focus and adoration for the communal moments and family that lie beyond the performers & performances, and the time-traveling flyers that carry us back through our own lives. The soundscape evokes, to me, the absence of a traditional bass line in Prince’s When Doves Cry. Rather than trying to constantly push the sensation of excitement inherent to the surface of the club scene (something that would, perhaps, be more attractive to outsiders), Weinraub and Dewitt languish in the underlying emotional current—something sensual and heavy that nonetheless walks on air. Sitting around a blunt or a radio at a late-night, local tv station trying to piece it all together with whatever words we have. With whatever we can put our eyes and our hearts to. No one here would make it past the focus groups for corporate-sponsored LGBTQ+ content. No one has to. Beautiful film.

Also, Ronnie is funny as hell.

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