The Two Faces of a Bamileke Woman ★★★

Leaving to hear my heart beat
Leaving to hear the voices lost to silence
Facing difference to discover 
Other face colors
Other colors 
Of my face
Discovering other stories, other feelings
Leaving to see the birth
of another part of myself
Buried in pain,
in suffering 
These faces—bashful, dignified, strong
are what I have always known

With all that, I made my way

Why this choice?
Why did these people choose 
Not to give me
this part of themselves?
This part of me?
Is it important to know what else
Is hidden in their black eyes?
Are there more voices, sleeping in the silence?
Other faces buried in the darkness?

Today, I can hear the beating of my heart
Look at this other part of my face
Caress it with gratitude 
Without tying to understand
Without asking questions

And hope 
that in the darkness
Other lights will appear