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  • I Will Follow

    I Will Follow

    At one point, Barack Obama’s election night speech appears on an old DVR in the midst of two characters speaking. Not gonna get into it, but I was not a fan.

  • High Plains Drifter

    High Plains Drifter

    Like watching a man masturbate to a stupid-faced picture of himself for an hour and 45 minutes while everyone around him watches in awe. It’s what a fan of recent DC movies may mistakenly regard as “deep” or “dark”. It’s critiques are tired and thin, it’s execution is grotesque and boring in a way that amounts to nothing, but hey, at least it’s pretty! I’ll concede that the ending is somewhat salvageable, but that’s it. I just know that the guy at my job who practices MMA and revels in telling everyone about how cool he was in highschool loves this film.

  • Angel Has Fallen

    Angel Has Fallen

    Decent dad/hotel movie. Terrible post credits scene lmfao.