Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★★½

In case it wasn't abundantly clear, PWSA is - now, more than ever - self-satisfyingly unconcerned with pandering to broader audiences in favor of putting a smile on his face, his wife's and of course that of the devout apologist/admirer. Seeing how the Monster Hunter IP somewhat recently rendered itself more accessible and palatable for a larger Western playerbase with 2017's Monster Hunter: World, this was as fucking bizarre a choice as any to apply the hybridization of true-to-franchise fiction and Anderson's own divergences in the vein of RE's Alice’s thread and through lines. For all of the bang-on aesthetic adherence to detail courtesy of the source material (one-eyed Palico chef included), Anderson's kineticism behind the camera as style/presentation emulate character action/experience, etc. is as laudable as can be, all the while sashaying about as a gonzo and unapologetically dorky special effects showcase. New convert hopefuls turn back now, but I'd gladly settle in for two more of these.

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