Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

A new film from Tarantino, more than pretty much any other director, usually automatically qualifies as ‘event cinema’ by default, and Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood proves no different. Whilst, for me at least, it sits in the bottom half of QTs filmography, it is still a helluva fun time and a glorious ode to the yesteryears of Tinseltown. 

I had some slight issues with it: I felt it went overboard in setting the scene, over-communicating aspects of the film that weren’t entirely necessary, and it felt a little too cramped - playing like a sizzle reel overloaded with a bevy of nostalgia hits instead of an entirely congruous whole (maybe the initial 4 hour cut found a better rhythm).

These small complaints matter little though, because I did have a blast with it. DiCaprio and Pitt are in sublime form, making this a more than memorable buddy movie with a revisionist twist. It makes me all the more worried that QT might potentially waste his time and talents with a Star Trek film as his next (and possibly last) feature. Fuck the franchises, Quentin. Do your version of originality instead.

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