2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

There are honestly few words I have to describe 2001, but I’m going to give it a goddamn shot.

The film abstains from following Clarke’s story-driven novel, choosing instead to develop the otherworldliness and majesty of space. It is the role of a storyteller to delve in wonder and imagination, and science fiction more than most genres taps into our human need to escape from reality. In a journey of pure beauty, Kubrick quite literally leads us through the depths of imagination to the ultimate finale orgasmic light.

The film is the pinnacle of subjective cinema, as the lack of clear plot makes for an interpretive journey for all audiences. In a world where we are spoon-fed information through social media and technology, it is my opinion that we have, as a collective, forgotten how to search within ourselves to develop our own individual interpretations and appreciations for art, but prefer, instead, to base our thoughts and opinions on those of others. Films such as 2001 are important now more than ever to rectify this societal flaw, and return the emphasis to the power of the imagination and artistic expression.

Sure, I do not have an explanation for every strange occurrence in this film, nor does all of it make sense to me; yet that does not retract from the film’s indulgence in beautiful (albeit sometimes deeply unsettling) aesthetics.

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