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  • Good Luck With Everything

    Good Luck With Everything


    Oh cool, this got added on here. (It's on Prime USA)

    I guess I don't entirely know how to rate this one? It's weird because it feels less like a movie and more like a slice of life? I suppose it's a compliment to the acting that it didn't feel like the cast actually was.

    Basically, this movie takes place over the course of about a week and not a whole lot "happens", but it feels.....cozy in a way. Worth a watch if you just want something laidback for about 70 minutes!

  • Rebecca



    I see Ben Wheatley decided to go the TV movie route.

    Like a Lifetime movie with a spruced-up budget. Besides an okay production design, costumes, and scenery, everything else here just felt flat and lifeless. The main cast, all of whom I'm usually fond of, all let me down here. There's also weird editing choices and an odd lack of polish at times.

    I didn't get too excited from the trailer, but I found A Field In England to be…

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  • Se7en



    I recently watched a mini-doc on David Fincher's film techniques. One of the scenes that's mentioned is the famous "box" scene. When he filmed Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, he used a handheld camera as "shakycam" to represent the two losing control of the situation. When he filmed Kevin Spacey, he used a tripod so it would be shot in place to represent him having all the power.

    I had never noticed this before, that genius bastard.

  • Toy Story 3

    Toy Story 3


    Ah, this whole trilogy, man.

    This is the one trilogy, to me, that actually got BETTER with every film. Yeah, they're pretty straightforward with no twists or plot complications, but that doesn't matter. What does matter is that these movies and everything in them just feels right. Characters, scenarios, humor, morals, the endings.

    Especially the ending to this one. Not just the best way to end this movie, but to cap off the entire trilogy. There is ZERO need for a fourth one. Everything feels complete, everybody's gonna be on their own way elsewhere, nothing else needs to be done to enhance it. It's...just right.