Horrible Bosses 2 ★★★

"If you're in a good mood, it's a good song. Bad mood, bad song. That's art."

Another movie that I found to be much funnier than the critics did. The first one's still more humorous (and more coherent; more on that), but this isn't a slouch either. Slightly self-aware (not nearly as blatant as 22 Jump Street, for better or worse) and with a very good performance by Chris Pine, whose character is suitably twisted (eh-heh). Kevin Spacey is Kevin Spacey, of course.

I did have numerous issues, however.

#1: Too chaotic at times. I was questioning whether the showing was wacky or if the sound mix was just bad, because numerous lines got muffled within the mayhem.

#2: Christoph Waltz is given absolutely nothing to work with. The crew got someone who has played numerous, deliciously hammy characters and it just felt like he was there as star power. Disappointing.

#3: There's an extended "homosexual story" scene that borders on pedophilia. I was with an audience that was laughing a decent amount, and there were crickets for the entire scene. It just didn't work at all.

#4: Relies wayyyyy too heavily at Bateman being the level-headed one while the other two are complete idiots. Very funny to me, mind you. Problem is: that's a good majority of the movie and I grew tired.

With all that being said, I still laughed on multiple occasions, so that's why my rating is higher than the issues suggest.

"I stepped in dogshit."
"I think that's just your acting."

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