Penguins of Madagascar ★★★½

"Are you my family?"

"You don't have a family, and we're all gonna die."

The hate that this movie has been receiving boggles my mind a bit. Yeah, it's very much fluff. However, it's very funny, energetic, charming fluff that doesn't overstay its welcome.

The penguins are wonderful as usual. Dave is fantastic. The North Wind are decent, if perhaps taken out of the film a bit too quickly. There's also a couple cameos from returning characters (and Werner Herzog. Yeah, really.)

Despite this, there are a couple issues.

Issue #1: Pitbull's music. Pitbull, in general. Kill it. Torch it with flames.

Issue #2: Okay, yeah, it's empty. However, I wasn't expecting this to be much more than zippy laughs and thrills. Just know that if you're looking for another HTTYD miracle from Dreamworks, this isn't it.

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