Tusk ★★★½

"Of course, there's no bigger or deadlier game than a Nazi."

Right off the bat, Wallace (Justin Long) is a complete douchelord. I couldn't ever feel any sympathy for him as he was suffering, so I got my kicks from that. Also, he basically bails out on Genesis Rodriguez. -100 points for eternity.

Anyway he, along with Teddy (Haley Joel Osment), runs a podcast known as the Notsee Party. They specialize in weird stories and lots of raunchiness. When Wallace goes looking for "the Kill Bill kid", he comes across his funeral instead. Bummed out and a bit buzzed, he notices a flyer from Howard Howe (Michael Parks; gleefully chilling) in the bar bathroom that boasts of a hoard of stories to tell for anyone willing to do chores and sleep over.

That's a relatively small part of the film, as most of the duration consists of Wallace being at Howe's house. How this all resolves is pretty easy to figure out, but I found it to be more involved with actually getting there. Overall, this is an interesting slowburner that's happily disturbing and contains just enough quirk and fright. Howard's stories also invested me. It's hard for me to hate this one, even if I ended up wondering why I even watched it.

I did really like that Notsee/Nazi isn't just used for jokes, but also finds a way to creep into the plot itself (above quote as a hint).

Second movie in a row I've watched that uses Hemingway as a plot device.

One last thing: Jesus fucking Christ, that walrus is going to give me nightmares.

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