Why Don't You Play in Hell? ★★★★★

"Movie God, if I can make a hell of a movie, I don't mind dying now."

This movie starts off with a toothpaste commercial with a strange earworm-drilling jingle. This is where you should know whether to bail out or not because that's one of the more "normal" parts.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

The plot here is the audience following around movie buffs-turnt-directors/actor known as the Fuck Bombers. They use handheld 8MM cameras and roller skates combined with interacting with anyone and anything to get whatever they want shot, creating their own unorthodox style.

Meanwhile, the girl that sings the paste jingle? She's the daughter of a Yakuza boss. His wife goes on a mini-rampage against members of the other Yakuza that have been hunting him down, leaving the room in a literal pool of blood. The two bosses have a confrontation later on, but then call a truce.

We shift to ten years later. The directors still have the same enthusiasm, but their actor is tired of not being famous and rages his way out of their club. The two Yakuzas also break their truce. During this truce-breaking, the boss' daughter happens to escape.

Oh, and also, the other Yakuza boss is madly obsessed with her.

First half is mostly plot-building and characterizations. The second half is when the "movie-making" happens and man can it get batshit insane. It immensely enhances this entire experience that the movie-making scenes are REALLY "fucking coooool", as the Fuck Bombers would say.

As chaotic as this movie can get, there's a good chunk of drama that actually works amidst all that. It's even romantic at times, but doesn't go for any of the typical tropes of that genre.

It's bizarre, addictive, farcical mayhem that's a love letter to culture, action movies and film in general. It's also actually rather restrained for something that advertises as another crazed Asian movie. However, this is definitely for the better as it gives breathing room for some scenes that are touching and even inspirational, especially for anyone getting into movie-making.

I absolutely loved this one. Full recommendation.

"If I met someone I loved, maybe acting wouldn't be so important to me."

They fooled me with that ending too. Those bastards. I guess that's just a testament of how into these characters I was.

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