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  • Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare

    Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare


    This gets an extra star for the last 15 minutes by itself.  It’s a long van ride to get there, but worth it. Also, THOOOOR!!!

  • The Lost Boys

    The Lost Boys


    The look, the feel, the swooping helicopter shots, the sweaty sax player, the amazing soundtrack, AND the Coreys at the height of their particular chemistry?!

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  • Annihilation



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A modern classic. When I was a kid, movies like Alien, Blade Runner, and The Thing were not considered classics. They were just really good films that you watched while learning about yourself as a viewer. It was only until later that they achieved the status of "classic". I think of this film along those lines as well; that in a decade it will be remembered as ahead of its time.
    The book is great. The film is different, but…

  • Shark Exorcist

    Shark Exorcist


    It would have been better if the shark were the exorcist.