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  • The Big Night

    The Big Night


    A strong and briskly paced pre-exile Losey noir. It’s a rather simple premise, it focuses on a bullied and sensitive teenager (played with remarkable sensitivity by John Barrymore) who after witnessing a public beating given to his father at his bar (who doesn’t fight back or reveal any information on the nature of this assault) grabs a gun and goes out in a frenzied state into the night with the intent on committing violence on the perpetrator of the beating.…

  • Bad Boys II

    Bad Boys II


    It’s rather strange as I didn’t like the first Bad Boys film, this is that but dumber, longer, louder, bigger, and more expensive. It doubles down on all those elements defining the first film, but I found this very enjoyable. It feels like a mulligan perhaps as the execution this time around feels a lot stronger and certainly more memorable. It’s one of Bay’s better films, though I don’t exactly understand the hatred he seems to receive, I’ve never been…

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  • The Foreigner

    The Foreigner


    A first rate thriller full of great action and overall brilliant direction from a director whose an artist when it comes to the genre. Pierce Brosnan is extremely fun and entertaining. The film is a an all to rare example of a great thriller that rarely comes around in the mainstream nowadays. Jackie Chan who I am a huge admirer of puts in a brilliant performance not just with impressive fighting but with a subtle and haunting sadness that proves…

  • Thief



    If Michael Mann just made Thief and his flawed but still quite good television film The Jericho Mile, I believe my heaps of praise for the auteur would indeed still be existent. Thankfully that did not happen but Thief still stands as a phenomenal theatrical debut, as a wonderful character exploration and study of alienation and disillusionment, themes Mann has explored with greater and greater cinematic abstraction time and time over his long career. The film is a mix of…