The Village

The Village ★★★★½

Emotionally open and direct in a way few films of this type allow themselves to be. This was a first time watch after loving Old the other night, because when this came out I remember specifically deciding not to see it based on the critical shellacking it got, and I'm simply livid about that (although tbh at the time I was 16 and just coming into my own as a pretentious little shit, so probably wouldn't have appreciated it much). This is a beautiful, timely, thematically complex, near-perfect movie, and it's reception at the time of its release makes absolutely no fucking sense to me at all.

I've been due to go through Shyamalan's filmography for awhile now, having only seen about half of em, and never even disliking a single one. Feeling pretty ashamed it's taken this long, and even if none of the rest come close to this, I'm excited.

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