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  • Jungle 2 Jungle

    Jungle 2 Jungle


    Somewhere in the 90s there's a group of neglectful workaholic dads whose lives were changed by John Pasquin and Tim Allen. Their alienation finally made clear, they were left confronting the reality of their situation. How would they cope with this exotic "other" that seemed to exist in another world? They were as inept to deal with the inner world of children as they were the customs and practices of some invented tribal culture. But they saw themselves in Tim…

  • Theodore Rex

    Theodore Rex


    Robert Folk does a fine job on the score, with some notable bursts of inspiration. There's a gorgeous section of music later on (57:33-58:37 at link: archive.org/details/Theodore_Rex_1995_Full_Movie) that stands out as particularly surreal in context; we hear a light backing of lush, enchanting chord maneuvers over this swaying dinosaur-POV, a love-drunk dino trying to keep his grounding. Theodore and Whoopi converse for a bit, but about what? The music's too precious for us to care. I guess I've been sleeping on Robert Folk, and should definitely check out more of his work.

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  • Cats



    Rating systems are a joke, and movies like Cats prove why. Just look at some of the most popular low-rated reviews: 

    a 1-star review: "it was maybe the best moviegoing experience of my life, and I will never forget it."

    another 1-star review: "a contemportary classic in double-quick time"

    a 1/2-star review: "the most fun I've had in my entire life"

    At least the truth is in the writing (I'm sure plenty of people are going into this looking for…

  • The Pest

    The Pest

    I've never seen The Pest in full, but I return to it's opening sequence all of the time. A powerful entity, it is, evoking such strong and strange feelings. Even beyond the racial caricatures or "problematic" nature, there's such a level of "cringe" to this that it's freeing, empowering. Every new identity we see John playing in the shower, each only seconds long, creates such intense embarrassment - for John Leguizamo, for us the viewer, for the culture that spawned…