A Hidden Life

A Hidden Life ★½

Tedious grandiosity disguised as spiritual awakening and intimacy.

Maybe it was accidental, but this to me reads as Trump's America through the gaze of someone who still believes in the good old times (Not surprise he chooses English as the language for its protagonists and German for the oppressors, and the constant repetition of the phrase), but taking Nazi Germany as its historical parrallel(they come from WWI and the Great fucking Depression, what good old times were they? These were part of the reasons why they even took control, but it seems those details don’t matter as well as the image of ideology at play (not even ideology, just an image of one)). Maybe it isn’t the case and just the passivity of its own subject creates the worst view that I can deride of something so superficial and naive. Apparently “moral superiority” is better than actually achieving change.
Even the usual family dynamics and religious aspects of the film are just Malick scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Rudimentary in everything proposed.

What a fucking disgrace.

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