The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger ★★★★

What’s wrong with y’all? This movie owns.

Hate the whitewashing tho, and sad because I think there could be a reading regarding that choice in the first place, giving how much of the film is just the lament of a fictional past that never was and will never be. Just the atrocities of the western world were left behind and the modern civilization taking over the land of the marginalized, the indigenous people. In some aspects, like painting yourself as the hero as much as the white guy that you saved and took your land, as the protagonist of the story. Nevertheless, the film come across with the two endings: the first regarding the opportunity of the next generation carrying this story as well as recognizing the wrong doings of the base of the American civilization through the power of fiction can be seen as hopeful, but the next one regarding the passage of Tonto resonates more with the melancholic tone of the film and can be said that, as well as his tribe, he will be forgotten and cinema won’t change that.

Sadly, Tonto is still performed by Johnny Depp (who i like in this film, don’t @ me) in both the past and present, so I don’t understand why wouldn’t you let people with that heritage and that history giving the opportunity to represent this character that has been mock through history in the last stage of his life. It only adds more to the overall contradictory nature of this movie’s existence (as Josh Llewis pointed out), because one can only see this as one of the few contemporary blockbuster to deal with that subject while driving with the narratives of the old western cinema. The climax is a good example of Keaton’s influence, and probably the most overt callback to The General that I’ve seen in a while.

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