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  • Bath Tub

    Bath Tub


    Holy shit this was so bad and pointless

    It makes sense why he privated it, this just sucks

    I can only pose the question asked for generations long before my own: "What were they thinking!?"

  • Nanook of the North

    Nanook of the North


    So this is supposed to be the normal life in northern canada? So, you could say that its the *norm* of the north?

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  • Audition



    humminah humminah humminah where can I find myself a dame like that??

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion

    Neon Genesis Evangelion


    What is there to even say?

    This is my favorite piece of media. Period.  Music, films, shows, books, etc.; none of it compares to NGE for me.  Even my favorite film, Synecdoche, New York, doesn’t compare to this, and I love that film.

    (Have you figured out that I like this show?)

    There is something just so incredibly amazing about this show that I love so much. It was able to get me through some tough times, and I absolutely…