Suicide Squad

I just had to watch this. While deliberately avoiding it when it was first released in cinemas, the fact that I could now *happen upon* the film online gives me nothing to lose (except 2 hours of my life and possibly a few braincells). I found it fascinating hearing all the negative buzz and it sounded like a train-wreck worth observing.

Suicide Squad lives up to its title, since it seems like the filmmakers decided to inexplicably kill the movie in post production. Now I don't this was ever gonna be a good movie considering the script and generally muddy direction, but this film is still noticeably neutered.

Do you like exposition? No? Well then skip the first 45 minutes of this movie 'cause it's nothing but loosely stitched together backstory for the excess of characters. Finally we get to the meat of the plot when the squad's fully assembled, but then it turns from dull to mind-numbingly boring. They fight some faceless monster goons for a while and some awful pandering comedy quips are thrown around. Then cut to a samey "power of working together :)" & beat the odds at the last minute finale.

There's too many characters for this film to achieve any sort of success in that area. Will Smith is Will Smith and is painted as an anti-hero and sort of the lead character. Also sort of the lead character is Joel Kinnaman who is worthless and void of any personality. Margot Robie looks the part, but every time she opens her mouth she says the most garbage lines of dialogue you could imagine. The rest aren't even worth mentioning, except from the much hyped, brief role from Jared Leto's Joker. He's laughably over the top in almost an endearing way, but mostly it's just unintentionally comedic with how stupidly edgy they make him.

But what makes this film such an awful experience is mainly the editing in combination with the cringey writing. This is some of the worst editing I have seen from any big budget film. The beginning of the film (which lasts 45 mins I must re-iterate) is a huge mess of ill-managed character focus. Then later it all starts blurring together into an even bigger mess. Only they stopped doing the edgy hyperactive cutting and instead just sloppily tie scenes together with a faint through line connecting them. Even the music choices they have feel terrible, often not fitting the scene at all or just being plain unnecessary or obscenely obvious.

In general as well, the writing is abysmal. These are some good actors, but they can't save such shitty script. In particular Viola Davis looks & sounds like she's sleepwalking. The jokes are bad and the general dialogue is nonsensical. No chemistry is achieved between the group and screen time is split in a hugely disproportionate fashion.

A fascinatingly awful film. Like every possible thing went wrong with this film to a certain degree. DC have outdone themselves after an already shaky duo of films, reaching a shocking new low. Disastrous, and yet it's one of the most successful movies of the year in terms of money making and having an impact of culture (albeit an impact that's already disappearing). That Twenty One Pilots song from the credits has been inescapable and I saw too many Harley Quinn's on Halloween and at a comic-con I observed.

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