The Matrix Revolutions ★½

You know what the best part of The Matrix as a franchise is, well it's The Matrix. So for the finale of the trilogy let's instead keep the action mostly outside of The Matrix and instead in a generic sci-fi dystopia where people in generic sci-fi mechs shoot generic sci-fi robot villains.

Reloaded held up about as well as I was expecting but this was just worse through and through. The best moments come from glimpses of character depth and fun concepts/symbolism that you can use to fill in the blanks that the film left by instead wasting our time with incredibly dull mech action scenes. There's a few decent little skirmishes, but the majority of the film is loud sci-fi action mainly honing in on a set of characters who nobody cares about.

Then the way it ends is just ridiculous. Of course Agent Smith is the big bad guy and of course there's a huge final boss fight. A rainy atmosphere and deliberately biblical scale of the fight make it the film's most memorable scene, but it's hard to care because by this point the plot has well and truly jumped the shark.

Honestly a mess, where Reloaded saw things start to fall apart, by the second half of this film all the goodwill put forth by the fantastic first entry in the trilogy is long gone. I can respect that this is a film with genuine passion behind it though, a respectable failure. But it's lacking the killer action scenes of Reloaded to make it worth re-visiting - an unfortunately dour film.

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