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  • 31



    "In the end, 31, despite its bad reputation, is an engaging experience of a film, especially when viewed as a video game in film format, and one that has more than its share of merits to be deemed at least worth watching."

    Full blog review here: thatboyisagorewhore.blogspot.com/2020/11/new-flesh-31-2016.html

  • Trick 'r Treat

    Trick 'r Treat


    Happy Halloween all!
    In time for Halloween, I wrote a visual analysis of Trick 'r Treat and how the film is all about displaying respect for the horror genre (many homages to other films!) and for the traditions and holiday of Halloween itself. You can read that right here!

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  • The Prom

    The Prom


    Honestly, after finally watching The Prom, I hate to say it but I feel like a lot of the criticisms I had heard were totally valid.

    The duo of Emma and Alyssa barely felt like characters to me, instead feeling like plot devices to move the plot forward. The script and Ryan Murphy's direction feels more interested in the shenanigans of the celebrities rather than its alleged protagonists. Speaking of the technical side of things, I do agree with those…

  • StageFright: Aquarius

    StageFright: Aquarius


    Film Club: Season 1, Film #2

    While some of the writing in StageFright may be simple at times (I could not name most of these characters unless I'm watching the movie and listening to the dialogue), where it excels is in its execution. Director Michele Soavi has an eye for finding the beauty in the slasher film written by George Eastman, with the technical aspects of this film all at the top of their game. The cinematography is great, with…

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  • Krampus



    It's not Christmas without Krampus. Still an iconic film that takes great advantage of its Christmas setting to create fantastic monsters (My favorite being Perchta the angel) and an atmosphere that's cozy and appropriately seasonal yet still manages to be genuinely scary at times.

    I also want to give a shout out to Conchata Ferrell, who plays Aunt Dorothy: RIP to a gem of a comedic actress who is one of the best parts of an already great movie.

  • Lazy Susan

    Lazy Susan


    Imagine if the pandemic doesn't stop and Sean Hayes gets the Best Actor Oscar for Lazy Susan (2020) dir. Nick Peet.