Possessor ★★★½

"Much like Mandy, Under The Skin, Come True, and countless other dreadfully phantasmagorical examples, Possessor’s appeal worships the unknown. Brandon Cronenberg pushes viewers off a ledge, as we hurdle into his body-hijacking assassination narrative without any stabilization.

It’s not like Cronenberg lacks his father’s mania, represented by melting human figures as souls transfer via cranial implants. The issue becomes, with a story so profoundly disorienting, can your comprehension hold steady? If Mandy soars on the back of Nicolas Cage’s beastly charisma and Under The Skin sinks into its slumbering energetics, Possessor meddles in the space between. Where hypnotic amorphous false-flesh horror lifts otherwise scripted bleakness for bleakness’ sake."

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