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  • The Queen's Gambit

    The Queen's Gambit


    Anger Is A Potent Spice. A Pinch Wakes You Up. Too Much Dulls Your Senses.

    But I am pretty sure there is no such thing as 'Too Much' Anya. She was a revelation.

    Absolutely adored both Jolene and Mr Shaibel's return. Definitely among the best of 2020 and as mini series go, right up there alongside Chernobyl.

    Oh and guess what, both involved the Soviet Union. Conspiracy much? 👻

  • Meet the Parents

    Meet the Parents


    You tried to milk him, didn't you you sick son of a bitch?

    Where 'him' refers to the legendary characters of this film, and the 'sick son of a bitch' refers to the sequels. Cause they bad.

    This one's a fun, recommended family watch tho.

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  • Scam 1992 - The Harshad Mehta Story

    Scam 1992 - The Harshad Mehta Story


    Emotion me insaan hamesha galti karta hai.

    You know the show's an absolute banger when even your parents binge watch it with you. Keeps you hooked all along. Absolutely fascinated by this world of bulls and bears.

    The only complaint I have is that the final few episodes have a bit of political-propaganda type vibes which I would have loved to have been explained in a better way.

  • Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: A Schitt's Creek Farewell

    Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: A Schitt's Creek Farewell


    I plan on popping a pill, crying a bit and falling asleep early.

    This show and by extension this well documented farewell was PERFECTLY SPLENDID.

    Very very late to the party, but this show definitely deserved to dominate last year's Emmy's.

    @Indian filmmakers, this is the kinda story you need to remake instead of yet another '____ No 1' and actually contribute to the country by instilling such a wholesome positive utopia around the LGBTQ movement.

    Dan Levy is the man 💯