Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★

If you coordinate and communicate, this should be a simple in and out.

In the words of my new favorite, Dieter, I just wanna say, "Oh, Scheisse!"

Well well well, this movie was extra long, but it definitely had it's moments. I absolutely loved some characters like Dieter and Vanderohe. I also enjoyed the badass zombie king accompanied by the best pet 'cat' ever.

This was definitely a new take on the zombie trope and while it wasn't as heartbreaking as Tallahassee killing Bill Murray, Zack definitely did Maria bad with that snap. A worse snap than Thanos's, for sure. He made up for it thought with that fun ending for zombie queen and Martin.

While I definitely didn't enjoy the extra emphasis on the clichéd father daughter bonding trope, my new crush at Ella Purnell made sure I didn't mind her getting that extra screentime.

P.S:- If you have reached the end of this review and are a fan of Huma and GoW, I just wanna say, "Even the zombies had sex, tera khoon kab khaulega re virgin Faizal!"

P.P.S:- Ending it with that song, you sneaky sneaky boi.

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