The Lighthouse ★★★★★

An emotionally draining spectacle of pure insanity.
The Lighthouse made me sick to my stomach yet left me in pure awe of how incredible it is.
From the very start of the journey to the end, I was both physically and mentally invested in everything The Lighthouse has to offer. The cinematography is outstanding and masterful, and the eerie, minimalist use of sound haunts the viewer throughout the 110 minute run-time, that at times feels never-ending.
The atmosphere, scale and sound craft a mysterious and terrifying place for Wake and Winslow, who are beautifully portrayed by Willem Dafoe and Rob Pattinson. The outstanding performances elevate the film, and without them this film wouldn't work as well as it does.
It is shocking how good 2019 has been for film, and The Lighthouse might just be the best.