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  • Glengarry Glen Ross

    Glengarry Glen Ross


    fuck you, you owe me a car 

    this was good and there were amazing performances but it wasn't really my style. there was a bit too much talking and it lost my interest part of the way through and never really managed to get it back. sp*cey's presence in this film is redeemed only by the fact that he is an insufferable bitch the whole time and gets called a stupid fucking cunt by al pacino :)

  • Suburban Birds

    Suburban Birds


    this was breathtaking.

    i didn't know much about this film before it started, and now that it's over, i don't really even know how to explain it.

    it was so hypnotizing. the whole experience felt as if you got on a train that you weren't sure where it was going, but loved it.

    it contained two narratives, presented in a way that you couldn't quite tell if they were related or not. the first, engineers investigating mysterious craters appearing in…

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  • Clue




    i honestly can't remember the last time i laughed that hard, this was hilarious and chaotic and perfect. i am literally never going to stop talking about this movie ever !

  • Spree



    "#peaceout love you guys"

    this was absolutely insane and so much fun. the gummy bear scene is cinematic perfection <3