Blindspotting ★★★½

A lot funnier than I expected. The humor and tenseness cut each other off repeatedly throughout the film which actually works well and feels like real life. It’s whiplash though - perhaps intentionally uncomfortable. Really fun screenplay. A bit experimental at times. Great commentary on gentrification. 

Hmm... I was invested in the characters, but not that much. The tense moments were really well done, but then it felt like there was no payoff. From the start of the film, we’re just hoping Collin doesn’t get in trouble via Miles for the last couple days of his probation. And while the stakes of going back to prison are certainly high stakes for Collin, and his anxiety about the murder he witnessed is significant, the momentum feels a bit underwhelming because the whole film is just this waiting game. Only the supporting cast of women in this film are actively pursuing anything; neither of our male main characters are. So while the political and racial commentary is top notch, because our two main characters aren’t super inspiring, the film comes across as a chill bro film with some wit which then undermines some of the film’s excellent screenplay moments.

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