Child of God ½

"A dispossessed, violent man's disastrous attempt to exist outside the social order."

This is a chump's adaptation of a grimly sweet Cormac McCarthy novel; I mean, I wasn't expecting another No Country For Old Men (2007) or The Road (2009), but seriously?! James Franco's direction feels so flat in conveying the central themes of the novel and his script is so irrelevant in delivering any type of proper story structure.
Chalk in some bland cinematography, some seriously cruddy editing that feels like it was done by an amateur scrapping for cash by toting out crap editing skills on homemade porn vids, some surprisingly bad acting, and characters I could give less than two shits about, you get Child Of God. I will say Tim Blake Nelson is the only actor here seemingly trying and Scott Haze's dedication to his role as Lester Ballard- regardless of how I feel it's poorly depicted- is somewhat admirable. But otherwise, this is an absolute dreadful mess.